Getting Creative About Your 30 minutes a Day

Different ideas for incorporating in your 30 minutes per day of exercising 5 days a week without going to the gym


  • Walk or jog in place while watching TV.
  • Park farther away from the store to increase the amount of time you walk during the day.
  • Take a 10 minute break every few hours just to walk.
  • Meet up with friends and go for a walk instead of going out for coffee.
  • Wear a pedometer and try and increase the amount of steps you walk per week by 500 each week.
  • Walking 30 minutes at an average pace of 3 mph will burn approximately 168 calories.


  • This is especially fun if you have small kids. Turn on some music and have a “dance party”.
  • Learn some new dances for date night.
  • Fast dancing for 30 minutes burns 214 calories.

General Calisthenics: Push-ups, Leg lifts, calf raises, crunches, bicep curls

  • See how many you can do in one commercial and then progress to doing as many as you can during an entire commercial break.
  • 30 minutes of calisthenics each day can burn an average of 173 calories.

Step Exercises:

  • Use the steps in your home to do repetitions and tone your legs.
  • Take the stairs at work or at the mall instead of the elevator.
  • 30 minutes of stair activities can help you burn an average of 311 calories.

Work in the garden:

  • Make your yard beautiful while you burn calories.
  • Working in the garden for 30 minutes will burn an average of 209 calories.

Clean your  house:

  • Make your house beautiful while you burn calories.
  • Cleaning house for 30 minutes will help you burn an average of 112 calories.

Ride your bike:

  • Taking your bike instead of your car can help you save gas and 30 minutes of this activity can help you burn an average of 153 calories.


  • While stretching may not burn many calories, it is an important addition to any exercise routine. 30 seconds per stretch, one time per day, 5 times per week is the best way to keep your muscles flexible.

The important thing is to mix and match these activities and get moving 30 minutes a day 5 days per week. Remember to always speak to your doctor before you start any exercise activity and always utilize all safety measures when exercising.


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