Pick A Card Exercises

This idea was given to me my friend and fellow PT student, Beth.

ImageMy kids and I just played this card game and had a great time, plus we got out a bunch of energy for them and some exercise for their momma. All you have to do is grab an old deck of cards and write any exercises you want on them. The exercises can be suit specific, for example clubs can be sit ups or you can do like we did and have a bunch of random kid friendly exercises. I haven’t created the whole deck yet, but some of the exercises we did were:

Jumping jacks, somersaults, relays, pushups, laps around the yard, hops, side hops, and my kids’ favorite, the 3 legged race. Whatever number is on the card is how many repetitions you or your child has to do of that exercise. We all had a ball doing it and ended up joining each other for almost all of the exercises. This is also really great to help them with their number recognition. This was such a great idea Beth, thanks so much for sharing. ImageImageImage


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