Frank’s Red Hot Hummus Sandwich

My favorite thing used to be hot wings, but after eating at a famous hot wing restaurant a few weeks ago I found that I prefer the sauce more than the greasy chicken that comes with it. So I started to make a hot wing hummus that satisfies my craving for hot wings in a much healthier way. The hummus  can be eaten with pita chips of course, but my new favorite way of eating it is on a sandwich.



1 can garbanzo beans

1/3 cup Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce (less if you don’t like as much spice)

2 tbsp olive oil ( I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really measure this)

salt and pepper to taste

2 cloves of garlic

You can add tahini if you want, but I never end up just having it in the refrigerator so I don’t usually add it.

If you wanted to add it, it would be 1 1/2 tbsp tahini

Sandwich Stuff:

2 sandwich thins

lettuce or spinach


feta cheese (optional)

To make the hummus, I just throw all the ingredients into our magic bullet processor and it is done. You can add some of the garbanzo bean liquid if you like it a little thinner.

Then to make the sandwich, I just layer both sides of some sandwich thins with the hummus and then the rest of your sandwich fixings.

Enjoy !


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