So this is what lazy has done to my goals….

Okay, I am going to be a lot honest. Now that I have been gone almost 12 hours a day between my job and commute I am not sticking to my goals as much as I should. So now I am going to start them over with renewed excitement. I also don’t have the luxury of walking to school everyday, instead I have a 45 minute commute which puts an even bigger damper on how I usually get my daily exercise. So time and convenience are definitely changing how I am “fitting in exercise for the busy people” and now I have to put my money where my mouth is. So here are my goals that I plan on sticking to for at least the next 10 weeks.

1. I will walk for 30 minutes every day of the week- That most likely will be split up into 10 minute increments. A walk in the morning,one at lunch and then one at homeImage

2. I will attend at least 2 classes per week with Trista at NW Fitness (Zumba here we come :))

3. I will spend 20 minutes everyday with my children playing an outdoor/vigorous activity (ie biking, Pick A Card Exercises, etc.)


4. I will have at least one serving of vegetables with every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


5. I will not eat after 8pm anymore…I blame my downfall of this one on my husband. Dang him and his late night popcorn.

So join me if you wish and share your goals. I wish I could say these are things I will do every day for the rest of my life, but things change :). I would love to be running everyday, but that is going to have to be fit in at some other time.


8 thoughts on “So this is what lazy has done to my goals….

  1. Ok I need to get back on the stick i have been totally slacking lately, I promise to start walking again and eating better, i felt so much better when i was walking

  2. Me and my hubby are trying to commit to getting healthy starting the month of August! One goal is to cut our portion size of food down by quite a bit. Including not eating more just because it taste good. Another is to cut out some of the side dishes that go along with our dinner…like tomorrow evening he wanted garlic bread to go with our already carb-filled dinner and I told him to pick an extra vegetable instead. So we will be sauteing zucchini and squash in place of garlic bread (will be adding garlic to the zucchini and squash so we at least get the delicious garlic flavor).

    Also, I will be starting a kickboxing class at a local studio in town 2-3 times a week once Dan is off of work and can watch the boys (then I do not feel guilty for more time spent away from the kiddos since they will be with their daddy rather than in a daycare/babysitter setting). I will continue to walk three to five times a week around our neighborhood or around our beautiful lake with the kids. Now the hubby and I will be doing it together on the weekends. I have a yoga instructor who wants to trade yoga for massage so I will be talking to her about meeting once to twice a week at the park and doing yoga while Kyle plays and Riley rolls around on a blanket. So here is to getting my pre-baby body back!!!!

    • That is so great that you are working so hard. One thing we learned in school was to make each of your goals quantifiable and write them down so you can see how well you did with them each week. For example, I will eat 2 servings of vegetables at every dinner or I will take kickboxing 2 times a week. Then you can have all your goals right there in front of you so at the end of each week you can evaluate how you did and what if anything got in your way of doing your goals ie time, money, babysitter etc. You can also buddy up with someone so you guys have to check in with each other at the end of the week.

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