We have a little walk ahead of us.



Geocaching is one of my favorite ways to get in some outdoor exercise with the boys and the best part is any age can enjoy it. My dad first took my brother and me geocaching when I was in my late teens and I still had fun doing it.  Geocaching starts with going to, a website where you can sign up to get a free membership.


Once in, you can enter your zip code and find hundreds to thousands of geocaches near you. The website will give you coordinates and you can plug them into any GPS and the GPS will get you within 10 feet (usually) of the cache. A cache is something that is anywhere from the size of a small magnet to the size of an ammo box. It is like a super techno treasure hunt and your kids will love it. Geocaches are often found lining hiking and walking trails so it is easy to get some exercise while finding these little treasures wherever you go.

Today, we decided to do a little more exploring down the Crown Zellerbach trail. This is a beautiful hiking/biking trail that starts only a little ways from our house and goes for 5 miles.  Several geocaches line this trail, but we only had the energy to walk the first half mile to one.   After a lot of berry picking, walking and sight-seeing our GPS told us we were only about 5 feet from the cache.  Brodie and Pierce knew exactly where to look (they are pros by now). Once they found the cache, the real fun began. The boys then got to choose one toy out of the bag and replace it with one of their toys while daddy signed the log. If you ever take something from the cache it must be replaced. This is one of the few rules that geocaching has (a complete list is on their website).

After all the new places that Brodie and I have lived in, we have found that Geocaching is the perfect way to learn about new trails and walking places.  Brodie especially loves it because he can get the kids out of the house on days when they boys need to get some extra energy out. So get out there and try it and if you are already a geocacher share some of your geocaching pics with us.




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