Reason # 8,879,823 that I love living in Portland-Portland Sunday Parkways

Summertime in Portland is like no other place I have ever lived. People just don’t stay inside on sunny days. Any given time of the day people are out walking and bike riding or berry picking. I know that they have to take advantage of the sun when they have it and boy do they ever. Today we decided to find out what Portland Sunday Parkways was all about.  We had heard that there would be a few streets closed down in Portland neighborhoods so people could ride their bikes and this would give Pierce a chance to try out a hitch hiker.

When we got there it was a a 7 mile loop surrounding 4 – 5 parks and  at least 1000 people there of all ages. After today, I am pretty sure every single person in Portland owns a bike.

Every time we turned a corner I was amazed by how this community comes together to get people fit and enjoy this event. Families who weren’t riding bikes were outside making free snow cones and lemonade for the riders. Police officers were directing traffic and trauma nurses were there giving free helmet fittings and selling brand new helmets for $5. At every park there were food vendors, live music and fit stations. Our favorite fit station was the circus camp. They had hula hoops, a tight rope, stilts, spinning plates all there to get people active and moving in between bike riding. The best part about it was that everyone was doing it. It seemed like everyone had a hula hoop and was just conversing while they moved. My favorite part of the day had to be seeing one of the vendors blending

smoothies powered by a stationary bike. This event had many sponsors, but the biggest sponsor is Kaiser Permanente which I think is even more awesome. I find it very refreshing to see  hospitals starting to focus on preventative medicine and doing it in such a big way as KP does with their Thrive program. I hope they are doing this in all the places that they have hospitals because this is definitely one of the best ways to help transition communities from unfit to fit. By the way, Pierce was also able to complete the whole loop with us on the hitch hiker bike without complaining. What a fun day!

I wish my TV would only run off bike power.


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