5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids And The Calories You Burn Doing Them

Spend the last few days of summer outside having fun and burning calories too.

1. Build an obstacle course in your back yard.  

This could a few things in the yard that you have to maneuver around or it could be 30 minutes of intense calisthenics which could burn an average of 133 calories.

How we did it…

We started with a hula hoop that the 1st person had to do for 1 minute. Then had to run through a tunnel, big climb over the  obstacle (aka the dog house), mow the lawn with our little lawnmower, through the tunnel again, kick a ball across the length of the yard and then 1 minute hula hoop.

To make it intense calisthenics, if someone is waiting for a turn to do something the person waiting must do jumping jacks or run in place until they can go.

Make this extra summer fun and throw in a water slide and/or kiddy pool.


2. Get in a water gun fight

It may seem simple, but 30 minutes of intense cardio running, dodging and hiding works up a big sweat and can burn up to
170 calories.

Besides what kid doesn’t want to shoot their parents with a water gun?

3. Pool fun

Instead of relaxing in the sun, spend 30 minutes playing these fun pool games. 30 minutes of pool cardio burns approximately 133 calories and tanning just gives you wrinkles anyway.


4. Go on a scavenger hunt.

This exercise won’t break the calorie bank at 99 calories, but what better way to enjoy the summer than getting out into nature. If you are in a safe, open trail then turn it into a race to see who can collect the most things on their list the fastest and work up a sweat. Click on the link for an awesome scavenger hunt list.


5. Have some schoolyard fun.

Hopscotch, jump rope, dodgeball and  handball all work up a big sweat and 30 minutes of these can burn up to 152 calories. So wow your kids with your best jump roping skills and teach them something new before they head back to school.

All the calorie counts are just an average and of course depend on how much you get into the activity. To find out what you would burn for your age and weight go to: http://www.shapesense.com/fitness-exercise/calculators/activity-based-calorie-burn-calculator.aspx#


4 thoughts on “5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids And The Calories You Burn Doing Them

  1. A great article with some inventive ideas. Another possible idea is to get a trampoline. The kids will love bouncing around for hours and the parents can join in, the great thing is you will be burning calories whilst having fun.

    If there any fears about safety, netting can be applied around the trampoline to avoid anyone falling off.

    • That is a great idea, unfortunately we have to wait until we own our home to make space for it. We got them a little trampoline for their room that keeps them entertained until then. Thanks do much for sharing your ideas. I always love to hear them.

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