Once Upon A Time Workout

Photo credit ABC

Out of all the fall lineup, I am most looking forward to this show coming back on. I am posting this one before it has even premiered so it may need some changes due to the how the season ended which may result in some characters acting a little differently. I will update it if needs to be changed around. So here it goes, hopefully you all will break a sweat with this one.

10 pushup pluses whenever Regina threatens to kick Emma out of town

20 jumping jacks when Regina says biology means nothing in regards to Henry

High knees the entire time they are in fairy tale world

10 lunges when we meet a new fairytale character

15 fire hydrants whenever Emma is not wearing her signature red leather jacket

20 second plank whenever Rumple calls someone “dearie”

15 swimmers whenever someone tries to leave town

5 mountain climbers whenever the book appears

20 calf raises whenever an apple appears in a scene

As always check with your MD or PT whenever you start a new exercise program and if you don’t know what an exercise is or need help with one just ask me 🙂

I also had some help with this one from the following websites:





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