The New Girl Workout

There is a lot here so hopefully you get a good workout. I love this show and wish I could half as adorable as Jess. I just have to keep thinking of all the cute dresses I can wear if I keep this up.

Swimmers for the opening credits

High knees throughout entire commercials. You can do more of a walk pace marching with this or an intense cardio keeping your knees up the entire time.

5 jumping jacks for every beer bottle in a scene

15 bicep curls for every time Jess wears polka dots

15 rows for every “schmidtism” or abbreviation

15 shoulder presses every time Nick wears flannel

15 butterflies every flashback

10 pushup pluses every time the bathroom breaks or you need a weird trick to make it work

15 lunges every time Jess tries to be sexy

15 shoulder punches every time Winston is upset about not playing ball

10 fire hydrants every time Schmidt is simply awkward

10 squats for ever Jess breakdown 😦

Remember to check with your MD or PT before starting a workout.
You can use soup cans or water bottles if you don’t have weights.
This workout is designed to get you up and moving but not a complete workout.

Have fun:)


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