Grimm TV Workout

Photo copyright of NBC

I have just gotten into Grimm and I love it.  Other than it being about fairy tales, I don’t think that it is just a darker Once Upon A Time like so many people were saying.  It is completely different and it is great. I especially love that it is filmed in Portland and I can spot all the places that I have been before. So  as with every show I love, I created a workout because it is it is so easy to workout to my TV shows.

High knees for the intro and all commercials

15 fire hydrants each side for the quote in the beginning

15 pushup pluses when we meet a new character

15 jumping jacks whenever someones face changes

20 second plank whenever we see a mark (symbol)

10 lunges whenever Portland is mentioned or we see a Portland landmark

15 second side plank (both sides) whenever Kelly seems suspicious

10 squats for every pun

20 swimmers for any obvious reference to the main storyline (i.e. reference to red sweatshirts in the pilot)

As always enjoy and check with your PT or MD before starting a new exercise plan.


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