Revenge TV Workout

I love the drama of this show. I kind of feel like a teenager when I am watching it, but who can’t get it into a little crazy drama?

High knees for the intro and all commercials

15 fire hydrants each side for the quote in the beginning

15 pushup pluses whenever Victoria is looking over at David’s house. 

20 squats whenever Amanda has a blank, yet supposedly profound look off  into space 

20 rows whenever Victoria gives her patented “bitchy” smile

15 mountain climbers whenever we see the double infinity symbol (box, tattoo, carving, etc.)

20 side lying leg raises (both sides) whenever someone mentions David Clarke’s name

30 second plank Amanda crosses someone’s picture out with the red sharpie. 

15 lunges whenever we see a flashback

15 second side plank (both sides) when we see the ocean title scene


As always enjoy and check with your PT or MD before starting a new exercise plan.


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