A Simple Way to Understand Chronic Pain – A Video

Chronic pain is something that is just barely being understood and is more complex than people really understand. Medical professionals are just beginning to break the barriers and learn what can be done besides giving massive doses of medications for eternity and a prescription of bed rest.

I wanted to post this video because pain does get in the way of a healthy and active lifestyle and the patterns can be broken. This video breaks down the pain cycle for anyone who is in chronic pain and maybe, just maybe will create empathy in someone who has never experienced chronic pain for themselves.



7 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Understand Chronic Pain – A Video

  1. Naprapathy is extremely beneficial in pain management therapies
    to treat some of, but not limited to, the following conditions:
    Fibromyalgia, sprains (sprained ankle, sprained wrist), torn muscle, torn ligament, nerve root compression, joint displacement, and subluxation. Naprapathy is effective in returning balance to the muscular skeletal system leading to a long lasting recovery from pain.

      • Sure. http://www.brentwoodmedicalgroup.com/patient-services/naprapathy.jsp Call them and ask to speak to Dr. Barnes about naprapathy for pain management. I know they’ve relieved myself and several of my friends from chronic pain there. I found it very unusual they didn’t prescribe me with pills and bed rest between pills so I decided there must be something to naprapathy for pain management after hearing from a friend about it. The first time the pain was almost gone and after the third visit to Dr. Barnes the pain has not returned. Dr. Barnes found what other doctors had for eight years missed: I had tissue regrowth compressing the nerve behind one of my vertebra due to an old sports injury. Eight years of chronic pain is / was more than enough. Dr. Barnes is the best choice for pain management if you live around Beverly Hills California but people fly in to be attended from all over.

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