7 Romantic Valentine Treats That Aren’t Packed With Calories

A million calorie loaded chocolates and sweets don’t have to be norm for Valentine’s Day anymore. This time around think outside the chocolate box with these healthy and creative sweet treats. Click on the picture to be directed to the recipe.


Grilling fruit brings out the best flavors.


These are simple, yet look beautiful. Your date would be wowed if you served this for them.


A slightly different take on strawberries.


A deliciously simple dessert to help curb your sweet tooth.


Only 2 healthy ingredients. Who needs ice cream anymore?


Enjoy a fruit cocktail with all the fruit and none of the syrup. Make the low calorie dip (without the tequila) to go with it.

Mini Chocolate Fondue

Low calorie, chocolate fondue dip. Decadence without all the calories.


2 thoughts on “7 Romantic Valentine Treats That Aren’t Packed With Calories

    • I haven’t tried those one yet, but they are cute. I tried the balsamic strawberries last night and the coconut ice cream last week and both were pretty delicious. It is nice to have a dessert option that was really simple and not too rich.

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