The Active Parent Challenge-Through Pictures

When I was first thinking about writing this post,  I was thinking about doing a ton of research on all the health benefits of being an active parent.

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But after thinking about it, I didn’t really think that extra research was necessary.

The reason is, I think that parents know that they should be active and all the reasons why.

February 2013 021

So today, I decided to share some of our pictures.


In hopes to inspire both me to get off this computer


and you to pledge in “The Active Parent Challenge”.

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If you are interested in pledging, check out this link:


Or just use these pictures as a little inspiration to get out and be active with your family today.


6 thoughts on “The Active Parent Challenge-Through Pictures

  1. I could be the spokesperson for this parenting (well, some days!) I just love to walk with my baby or run around the playground…being outside is so much fun! And when you have an active toddler it’s a necessity!! You should know you have enticed me to head on over and make a pledge :)) Happily following along from the hop!

  2. I love this! We try to keep our 10 year old boy very active but he usually ends up being the one to pull us up off the couch! We stay very active and enjoy a lot of outdoor activities but it is so easy to get caught up in the wintertime blues and not push ourselves to find activities we can do easily when it is wet, cold and dark outside. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you come by and link up at our fitness and health link party…

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