Why The Library is My Favorite Resource for Active Ideas

I have been experiencing a little bit of blogger’s block this week. I have a very busy week ahead of me with work and school which of course means the blog came last. While I was doing some homework at the library and picking up books for my kids, I began to realize that I get a ton of my active ideas from the library.


The library is probably one of my most favorite places ever. I currently have three library cards in my wallet; one for the town my school is in, one for my hometown and one for our current town.  I love to bring my kids there to sit in the kid’s area and read books for hours at a time, in the summertime we can even ride our bikes there. Most of the time libraries also have puzzles or other activities that the kids can quietly do. Today I wanted to share with you some of the active ideas I get from the library for me, my hubby and my kids.


This is a book all about very active games you can play with large or small groups. From indoor to outdoor, to water to winter games, this book contains a ton of ideas.


My husband and son have been watching a bit of “Survivorman” and have become a little obsessed with wilderness survival. I am hoping that this will inspire some exciting outdoor adventures for the family.


These are a couple of fun books I found that have a story line to go with yoga moves. It was a lot of fun to get up and do them during story time.


There are always fitness videos free or low cost. Some of the most fun fitness videos I have found for kids were “Care Bear Workout” and “Learn How To Hula Dance”. There varieties can be somewhat random, but that can make it so much more fun. Today I decided to change up my normal Pilates workout with some Tai Chi.


I plan on reading this to my children and then taking a walk to see how many different trees we can discover. There are always plenty of nature books for kids that set you out on a nature scavenger hunt.

I usually always pick up a hiking /walking trail book as well, but didn’t end up getting one this time. Those can be great ways to discover new trails nearby.

The beautiful thing about the library is that you never know what you can discover. There are sometimes random,  books that shine a new light on an old activity or you can learn about a new active hobby.

Share some great active books that you have found from  your library. I love to hear from you.


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