I Zumba’d On-Guest Post by Karen Reyes


Karen is still figuring out her way on her weight loss journey and these are her thoughts on her Zumba class. In the past, she has taken classes with Yoga Flirt (Yoga and Pole Dancing) and is a gymnastics instructor. She has many ups and downs with her weight loss success and is still trying to  find the right balance between fun exercise, family life and work.


So, tonight I showed up to Zumba. I have tried it a couple times and found myself a bit lacking, but nonetheless, I showed up again. It was a new instructor. A tiny, cheerful little thing….really, the opposite of me in every way. I was not thrilled about being there, and I’m guessing my body language showed that.

Class started. At first I felt like a fish out of water. I was sure the people in back were staring and wondering what the fat, uncoordinated lady was doing in class. (yes, I’m working on the negative self-talk, but I’m here to be honest, and that is what I was thinking.) BUT, I zumba’d on. Then I started wondering how many songs were left in class. But, I Zumba’d on.

After a while, I started relaxing a bit. Some sexy songs came on and lots of hip circles ensued. I actually LIKE doing those. I noticed at first I felt almost self-conscious. Funny, because not too long ago I felt NO self-consciousness as I lapped danced, pole danced, and generally exercised nearly naked. It gave me a little something to think about.

I started to cut myself a little slack when I messed up the choreography. I PRIDE myself on doing things perfectly. Especially things I have previously excelled at, like dance. I noticed I was smiling a bit. And, even on occasion giggling. Not laughing AT myself, but ACTUALLY giggling with myself. Giving myself permission to mess up, and not care, and just ENJOY the class. And I Zumba’d on.

More sexy moves (oh yeah, I remember now WHY I like dancing). I thought of my sister who once told me, “Next time I try Zumba, I think I’ll need a DRINK first”. And that made me smile as I thought of her. I also thought she might be on to something. First, a drink would loosen up those hips, and chest shakes. Second, the drink would probably make it so I didn’t CARE that I messed up the choreography. Dorothy is a GENIUS! And I Zumba’d on.

The teacher started singing on occaision. I liked that. Sometimes people would join her on the stage. I like that too, see, it seems I LIKE the spotlight. I’d rather have an audience than BE the audience. So, maybe I’m inspired just a little to Zumba a bit more, and learn the choreography. In fact, I think I will. However, WILL I EVER get the courage to just jump on stage and not worry about being judged by everyone else in the class? I’m not sure. I hope so.

And I Zumba’d on.

As I Zumba’d I thought about my attitude and how much it had changed over the course of the class. I started thinking about sharing my experience with you, my facebook friends. I wondered how many of you might relate to my story, or find it encouraging or inspiring or just entertaining. And I thought, You know what? I’m gonna go home and write it out….and here I am.

By the end of class I realized that I was actually having fun AND exercising. And going once will maybe lead to going twice, and maybe I’m at a point where I’m READY to change my attitude again and head back toward that healthy place I found when I was pole dancing every week.

So, read this note. Share it with your friends. Tell me if you want to hear more of my ramblings. Or don’t. I don’t care. But I am gonna write when the feeling hits….so buckle up…it’s going to be an exciting ride!


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