Super Fun & Active Family Game Night With Printables

The other day we were playing a game of  “I Can Do That” with the kids. It is a really fun game, but we got it from the thrift store so unfortunately it had a few missing pieces. I decided to recreate the game and make it even more active with funny activities and props. The rules of the game are as follows: Draw 4 cards from the pile with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on them. Flip the cards upside down and read the cards in a row. The cards should present you with a very silly action that may be quite challenging. For example, in the picture below my husband’s cards said: Crabwalk in a circle with a movie between your feet. Some are more challenging and some are less, but all are fun.

I even got the hubby on board!

I even got the hubby on board!

So to get started, you can make your own pages or use the printables that I have already made: Download your printables here.

Then get the props that you will need. I tried to choose props that I thought most parents would have in their house, but I also left 4 spaces blank on props page so that you can include some other items that you have as well.

You need: game cards, broomstick, mask, silly hat, toy car, plastic bowl, ball, book, movie, t-shirt, hand towel, action figure or Barbie, backpack, stuffed animal, and the other 4 items that you have chosen.

blog 010When you print out the printables, make sure to write the page number on top of the page as I did on the picture. The document is saved as the correct page number.

blog 011

Cut out 1 page at a time and then write the page number on the back of the card.

blog 013Once you have all the cards numbered, they can be mixed up and the game can begin.

blog 018

This is an example of what an action sentence looks like.

Some of the actions can be kind of tricky so it will be up to you to make the official house rules. For example in this picture, my son had to bear crawl with a mask on  his belly, which is seriously impossible to do, so we let him tuck the mask under his shirt. For my husband, I may not have been that nice.

blog 026-001

Also, I tried really hard to make everything safe and fun for everyone, but if a combination of cards doesn’t seem safe to try then please don’t do it. Use your common sense.

So, the game is pretty straightforward when you get everything in order and so much fun to do. There are also  many combinations so it will be really rare for you to have a repeat which means endless fun.

I hope you enjoy and as always if you like it pin it, share it, tweet it, whatever 🙂


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