Liebster Award


I was nominated for a Liebster award twice by and The Liebster award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers to help promote their blog. Since I was nominated twice I have answered two sets of questions.

1) Why did you start blogging?
I started because I love figuring out ways to be fit with my family and I wanted to share my ideas.

2) First or last to leave the party?

3) White or red wine?
I am not really much of a drinker.

4) What is the one thing you love most about yourself.
Hmmmm….I am nice.

5) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Europe, a tropical island, I am up for an adventure.

6) Do you prefer to use an electronic or regular paper calendar?
Regular paper.

7) What is your favorite type of food?

8) Do you love of loathe your birthday?
Love it

9) Where do you most like to take your vacations?
Lake Tahoe

10) What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
The Wuzzles

11) Do you prefer cats or dogs?

1) What are some of your goals?

Once I graduate I want to be able to spend more time with my kids and travel.

2) Do you have a favorite quote or personal motto? If so, what is it?

This too shall pass.

3) What is the most difficult life event you have experienced?

The death of my grandparents.

4) What is the most joyful life event you have experienced?

The birth of my children.

5) Who do you look up to?

My mom and grandma.

6) Who in your life has helped you the most?

My mom.

7) What is your favorite sport?

I am not that big of a sports person.

8) If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Less fighting, not just wars but also the constant bickering between political parties.

9) What is a positive experience in your life you would like to share with others?

I am about to receive my doctorate degree in physical therapy that I earned after having two kids. It was totally manageable so don’t think you ever have to give up on your dreams.

10) What words would you pass on to someone to boost up their self esteem?

You can do it.

11) How do you plan to make the world a better place?

By being a better listener and less of a talker.

11 Random Facts About Me

1. When I like a song, I listen to it over and over again on YouTube until I am tired of it.

2. I was in the Navy for almost 4 years.

3. Everyone in my house is male (except me) including my dogs.

4. Once I read a book I can never read it again and I can rarely ever watch a movie twice.

5. I am a daydreamer.

6. I love to travel.

7. I love to eat at hole in the wall restaurants, roach coaches are my favorite.

8. I was a massage therapist for 4 years before I was in the Navy.

9. I love the smell of wet asphalt.

10. My favorite big city is Chicago.

11. I have no more interesting facts about me.

Questions for other bloggers

1. What is your favorite song?

2. What is your favorite movie?

3. What is one place you want to travel to that is off the beaten path?

4. What is your favorite way to get exercise in?

5. What is your favorite book?

6. If you could change your career, what would you be?

7. What would you tell your 7 year old self about your future?

8. If someone offered you a free trip to the moon would you take it?

9. Name one person who you would most like to have lunch with. Famous or not, alive or dead.

10. What is your favorite animal?

11. Who is your favorite blogger?

And the nominees are for a Liebster are…..


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