Fitting in Fitness With Family

In our house, we create our own fitness plans and we find that fitness can be easy to fit in when we do it as a family. Kids love to play, run, jump, ride bikes, hike, go for walks and play sports so why not find ways to do what they love and you can fit fitness in too.  Here are some ways that you can get fit as a family.


1 .You can walk 30 minutes a day or you can break this up into 10 minute increments. Evidence shows that you can get a lot of cardio-respiratory benefits from walking for 10 minutes 3 times a day at 3 miles per hour. Put the kids in a stroller or have them walk with you on an evening walk.

2. Spend 30 minutes a couple of times a week playing your child’s favorite sport with them. Soccer, football, baseball all involve running around which means cardio … and family fun!

3. Spend 30 minutes a couple times a week playing outdoor games with your kids. Who says they are too old for some freeze tag or relays in the backyard? Raining? Have fun on a Wii or have a dance party. All family favorites in our house.

4. Find a hobby that you love to do as a family and stick to it. We are bike riders in our family. We have tag-a-longs for our kids so we can got on long bike rides without them getting tired and we can usually get out for bike rides a couple of times a week. Other options might be rock climbing, kayaking, cross country skiing, or hiking. The important part is making a good plan for going out the first time. Bring snacks and plenty of water, but don’t overload on what you think you need. Anything more than the essentials and you will be overloaded.

5. Find a way to get some strengthening in too. You may choose to do the gym a few times a week, make your own household gym or watch strengthening videos, but strengthening is very important and should not be skipped in any fitness plans.

Whatever you choose to do, it is important to find something that you can commit to. Make it fun, make it affordable, make it so everyone can get involved and it will stick!


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