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10 Calorie Burning Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie seem to be America’s go-to date and have been for quite a long time. I think the time has come to challenge these dates and take the next step to incorporating fitness into your everyday life. Why choose a calorie laden meal and follow it up with a sedentary activity, when … Continue reading

Fall Fun Fact

According to, an average size girl with an average sized height can burn up to 199 calories getting lost with her family in a corn maze for 60 minutes. Of course, you have to be walking at a steady pace the entire time, which is pretty easy when you have several mysteries to uncover … Continue reading

Our 30 Minute Adventure

Today for our 30 minutes of activity we decided to go for a bike ride on the logging trail behind our house. It turned out to be quite a beautiful adventure. From it we can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Ranier and Mt. St Helens perfectly today. We also discovered that the trail is lined with … Continue reading