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Monopoly Jr. Exercise Game – Nailed It

Sometimes, it occasionally happens. I get a little overzealous when it comes to trying of thinking new ways to exercise with the family. My oldest son loves to have family game night and we can only play Twister Dance or Charades so much before we are tired of it. At the same time  I am … Continue reading

The Active Parent Challenge-Through Pictures

When I was first thinking about writing this post,  I was thinking about doing a ton of research on all the health benefits of being an active parent. But after thinking about it, I didn’t really think that extra research was necessary. The reason is, I think that parents know that they should be active … Continue reading

Park Playdate Workout- Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my park playdate workouts. Get your workout in while your kids playing. It is easy to do all of your exercises on equipment you will find right there.             Find a bench and dip down to work on your triceps and deltoids. Pushups work Pec Major, Triceps and Deltoid. Heel … Continue reading