Social Media Linky Party

Welcome to our FIRST Social Media Linky Party! I am so excited to be hosting this new party and I have four amazing ladies co-hosting along with me! First, let me share the details of this party! This link up party is for all bloggers who would like to work on networking with other blogs … Continue reading

Blueberry and Banana Quinoa Breakfast

Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal I feel like that is all I ever eat for breakfast. So naturally I was very excited when my friend, Lily Uhler, decided to share her new breakfast on Facebook that included the super grain quinoa. It sounds a little odd to have quinoa for breakfast, but let me tell you this … Continue reading

Real Life. Change For Charity.

  Just a few more weeks until the New Year is upon us and we all can’t wait to make those changes.  New Year’s always seems like an arbitrary date to me. I know it is the beginning of a new year, but this minute right now is the beginning of a new minute so … Continue reading

Originally posted on jennovafoodblog:
Done all my classes, now I’ve just got exams in the way of my Christmas break! Spent most of my day studying… then came home and made myself cauliflower mash (delicious) and the tastiest desert I’ve made in a long time! Lol I mixed 3 tablespoons of hemp hearts, 1 mashed…

Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia and Exercise

  For years Fibromyalgia and chronic pain were topics that were often brushed under the rug. It was not understood and therefore brushed off easily without regard for hundreds of thousands of symptomatic people. The current medical model is now coming around to understanding and validating these diseases and more and more research articles are … Continue reading

Playdate Workout- Part 1

The park is the perfect place to fit in some exercise. Your kids are playing and you are with your friends so take advantage of the amenities around you and get working out.  Remember to pay attention to good form and check for safety concerns around equipment before trying anything.  Also, don’t forget to pay … Continue reading