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Tips to Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, we were warned about the winters. We would become shut-ins, rain would be hurled upon as if we should be expecting Noah to pull up to our house at any moment. So in preparation for our impending cabin fever, I planned a lot of activities. If you have … Continue reading

10 Calorie Burning Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie seem to be America’s go-to date and have been for quite a long time. I think the time has come to challenge these dates and take the next step to incorporating fitness into your everyday life. Why choose a calorie laden meal and follow it up with a sedentary activity, when … Continue reading

Revenge TV Workout

I love the drama of this show. I kind of feel like a teenager when I am watching it, but who can’t get it into a little crazy drama? High knees for the intro and all commercials 15 fire hydrants each side for the quote in the beginning 15 pushup pluses whenever Victoria is looking … Continue reading

Grimm TV Workout

I have just gotten into Grimm and I love it.  Other than it being about fairy tales, I don’t think that it is just a darker Once Upon A Time like so many people were saying.  It is completely different and it is great. I especially love that it is filmed in Portland and I … Continue reading

Fall Fun Fact

According to shapesense.com, an average size girl with an average sized height can burn up to 199 calories getting lost with her family in a corn maze for 60 minutes. Of course, you have to be walking at a steady pace the entire time, which is pretty easy when you have several mysteries to uncover … Continue reading

The Modern Family Workout

10 pushup pluses anytime Phil mentions his “glory days” 10 bicycles anytime Phil says something inappropriate about Gloria or to Gloria 15 jumping jacks whenever someone talks to the camera 10 squats whenever Manny says or does something that is way beyond his years (don’t let your knees go over your toes) 15 lunges whenever … Continue reading

The Office TV Show Arm Workout

Since most people don’t do commercials anymore, I have created some workouts to do during the shows. I hope you enjoy them and as always consult a PT or MD before starting any workout program. March in place for opening song and commercials 10 pushups for any cat reference 15 bicep curls every time someone … Continue reading